Building Church Leaders

Doing What Jesus Did: Building Church Leaders

Jesus Christ intended to launch a movement that would establish His Kingdom on earth for thousands of years. And yet He did it in a very strange way.

He never held a fundraising campaign; He never ran for political office; He never even wrote a book. Faced with the urgency of training the thousands of people needed to launch a movement which was destined to change the course of human civilization, Jesus invested three years of His life in training 12 men.

He took the “seminary” to the students! His training was all about applying Biblical knowledge where the rubber meets the road. As His students watched Him model the Christian life and ministry, they were transformed into a radical band of spiritual revolutionaries who literally changed the world.

Extreme Makeover: Christian Missions Edition

And that's what Wildfire does—we copy Jesus' method for building church leaders. Building church leaders is a big deal. Instead of changing the world one outreach or church at a time, it multiplies them! And in our experience, building leaders Jesus' way makes for Christians who are brimming with passion and practical skills, not just a head full of facts.

Why should any of this matter to you? The answer is easy: You are called to reach the world (Matthew 28:19Matthew 28:19). Your part might not be moving to that distant village on the far side of the ocean, but you sure can be a part of placing a Christian leader in the area. And those local church leaders have a lasting impact on their cultures and communities. So the bottom line is this: your involvment (whatever God might lead that to look like) results in more people becoming disciples of Jesus.